Monday, January 25, 2010


Guitan Tag,

that's German for Hello, if you didn't know. Haha hmm so this weekend, this weekend was good. long but good. but I think I'll give you a breakdown of everything as you know last week was spirit week, and what comes after spirit week? HOMECOMING! oh yess, haha so we'll be talking about homecoming weekend in this blog wont we you ask? why yess we will(: Haha

So Friday, Friday was good, had school like always which was fine, except for an English quiz, that I like 100% failed. umm yeah not fun. haha but anyways we had the pep rally, which was great we have this guys contest where the battle it out doing stupid things, umm yeah I taped it, and it kinda made my life! haha just saying... it was interesting! to say the least but anyways....

The actual game was that night, it was great went with two friends, haha sorry i say once again, no names on here, which was funnn! Haha we won in overtime and this one guy, not gonna name any names saved the game…. Gahh I kinda love him, but not. Haha I've only met him once, and yeah anyways maybe talk about him later…. Maybe!

So Saturday, well It was the day of the homecoming dance, I like kept changing my mind as to if I was gonna go, since I didn’t have a date)= but yeah and I didn’t have a dress I wanted to wear, but I went anyways(= it was fun but I had to wear a dress repeat which sucked… but yeah I went to my friends house, and we took the staircase pictures and everything which was nice, and then we went to dinner. I freakin loved the restaurant to be honest! We went to this Asian cuisine place and it was amazing, I want to go back really badly! Haha but it was weird because like my whole school went to the same restaurant, like literally. Basically my whole grade except for two groups of people, a lot of sophomores were there, I went with a mostly sophomore group actually though(= and then like the ENTIRE basketball team was there, with there dates and some seniors. Gahh it was awkward. Haha

But anyways then we went to the dance, and it was fun I guess. It wasn’t bad, just not great. It was my first High school dance , since I missed the first one because I was sick): that sucked!But oh well it happens. And this one was funn! And then after the dance my friend brought me home.

Okk and then Sunday I didn’t get up until like 1ish because I was soo tired from Saturday and Sunday. Haha and I just stayed home and chilled and then I did my homework but not until like really late because I'm like a major procrastinator, its really getting to be a problem to honest! Haha

Okk and then now its Monday, and I had school like always it was good, nothing weird happened, I started hanging out with some new people lately though(: idk when I first came to the school I was friends with some people, and they kinda brainwashed me into thinking everyone was evil, so I didn’t have that many friends, but now I realize that the girls actually really annoying and excuse my French but a major sl.ut which is annoying, but I'm not gonna get into that now. Maybe another day. Haha but yeah now I'm still friends with her kinda, but I'm friends with other people to which is a lot more healthy! Haha anyways sorry random chatter, but today was normal, nothing exciting happened, just some funny moments that I don’t feel like explaining right now. Sorry. Lol

But yeah now I'm about to leave my house to go see a play at my school with a few people(: which should be fun. Lol but yeah a lot of stuff coming up this week, my old schools homecoming is coming up!!! So I'm going to that with one of my best friends from my old school on Friday, and maybe sleeping over, maybe. Idk yet. Haha and then Saturday I think I'm gonna hang out with this guy, I haven't seen him in foreverrr! Miss him! Haha he's really cool. Just a friend though(= and then Sunday I might see a movie with one friends, or just go to my other friends house. Idk yet. Lots of un-sure right now. But I'll figure it out. Haha

kay well sorry this has been a really really really long blog, its because I don’t post enough): I know I'm sorry for that. Haha well I'll try to update tomorrow, or again tonight if something exciting happens. Even though it probably wont!

a girl, living in this worl.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is real, this me(=

G'day there Aussie,

Soo I'm trying to have a cool intro into all my blogs, but I'm running out of stuff to say, so anyways I decided to be Australian today, don't really know why, my mind just thought of Australian when I started typing this. who would of thought. and the title has no significance, i was just thinking of that song by Demi Lovato when i started this. haha im cool.

Well This week, this week's been good for the most part, no school monday for MLK day, which was good, then this week was Spirit week at my school! oh yeahh. haha pretty exciting stuff, except not really. so Tuesday was pajama day, (but on facebook it was also wear red for Haiti day) so me being me I wore bright red Pajamas pants, and a pink snuggie, yeah I said a SNUGGIE! it was hot, maybe I should show you guys some pictures later, haha i'll think about it while I write. but yess Tuesday was funn, got to just lay back, andd I toured this girl that wants to come to my school next year, even though it was awkward considering everyone was in there pajamas. haha but yeah cant really remember anything great about my classes except that in Health we took like a million pictures with the babies and stuff, and put them on facebook, that was fun(= haha the guys in that class are really funny.

okk so Wednesday. Wednesday was good, it was High School stereotypes day, which was quite funn. I was a nerd being myself, haha I bought my outfit at walmart the night before and I swear the lady that works there thought I was crazy! like legit crazy. haha but it was fun, I was one pretty smexy nerd if you ask me (well actually i was one dorky nerd, but same diff). haha and of course I took lots and lots of pictures(= but thats just what i do. taking pictures is my life(=

andd not its Wednesday, and it was good today was Decades day, and I actually didn't dress up, i was going to but i never really decided what i wanted to be, and i never got a costume, so yeah it didn't work out but whatever today was good I'll do a break down of all my classes now. idk why I'm just bored. haha

1st: Healthhhh(= haha well we pretty much watched a movie and took notes on it, not to much funn today sadly. haha good memories in that class though(=

2nd: Studyy Hall, mostly just scrambled trying to finish my note cards for English that I hadn't done. haha, that's pretty much what I always do though. i hate english btw. lol hmm well it wasnt that weird today actually in this class, because this one guy had homework, so he didn't pick on me (not like mean just, haha cant explain it) but yeah like the other day we fought over this chair for like half the class, and he stole my backpack, and i stole his and it was this whole big thing. haha the teacher laughed at us.

3rd: French, gahh i hate my french class. nothing happened, it was boring, as always!

4th: Historyyy, hmm out teacher was sick so we had a subb, and all we did was make groups and then start a project, that we didnt know how to do because he wasnt there.... im with my friend (not gonna say names) and this guy, it wasn't bad but the guys just really IMMATURE to be honest, he wasn't bad today though, but I'm pretty sure this other girl is pissed at me because im not in her group even though she asked like three times, but idk i don't really like her to be honest.... which i know sounds mean, but yeah.. shes really weird, and i wasnt gonna get a hgood grade with her.

5th: English, once again i hate English, we just reviewed for a quiz tomorrow, i was in a group with this girl, it was ok i guess...

Lunch: haha it was funn, hungg out with two of my really good friends! and some other people, we ate in this teachers room, it wasnt bad. but the rain made lunch not as fun, like me and one of them walked around in it for like everr. haha and i bought ice-cream even tough i wasn't hungry, don't ask, i just like ice-cream when its cold ok. haha

6th: mathhh, hmm not much were not allowed to talk in there, so nothing really happened, just learned some stuff i guess. haha

7th: Sciencee, i actually love science but i was LOOPY in that class today like this one girl thought i was CRAZY, and me and another girl talked for a lot of it, and we did a lab, but we had subb which was sad cause that's my favorite teachers class. haha he's really funny, like old and weird but funny! love that class, but i was literally out of my mind even this weird guy who's like crazy (but funny crazy) thought i was out of my mind, i started talking about wanting to do a cartwheel, and a somersault like out of the blew. haha

andd then school was overr, and now I'm home trying to figure out what to wear for school colors day, I'm still thinking about it, haha but tomorrows the pep rally which should be good(= kinda sad I'm not a cheerleader anymore, but not really. haha that's a long story. very long. maybe ill tell you another day. maybe not. haha

ohh gosh. i feel like my blogs are getting longer, and longer, these days. Sorry about that. I know it's probably quite annoying. you can be honest on that one. haha but anyways i hope you enjoyed this blog, i'll try to blog tomorrow after the game, thank god its Friday (ughh when i first typed that i wrote "firday" that always happend idk why) , and I'm still deciding if 'm going to the dance on Saturday... undecided at the moment because i don't have a date or dress, but maybe. I'll prob decided tomorrow. well g2g finish up my homework.

That girl, who may or may not be who you think she is.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wait i dont get it?

Hola there Chicas'

How are you today ladies and gents, well me, me I'm a lot of things at the moment, not mad. not sad. not happy. just me. I'm thinking that's probably a good thing. So I feel simply awful that I haven't posted in a while (like a week) but I've been busy. Busy, busy me I guess. haha so are you ready for a summery of the last week? well I shall give you one now. haha

okk so monday, hmm it was soo long ago now don't even really remember it anymore, haha but well nothing really happened that I can think of off the top of my head, this weeks been a daze, idk I've just been sooo tired and I have no idea why. It's weird, like even if I do go to bed on time, I'm still exhausted in the morning. which sucks big time. like if you asked my friends about the last week they'd all be like, "Yeah that girls been really out of it lately" so I guess i'll just talk about Friday because I still remember it. haha

So Friday interesting day wolk up (tired as always) wore a tie dye shirt, haha random fact but I kinda love tie-dye things(= they make me happy. but anyways school, school was good, Science was great, we did a lab again (I love labs) but yeah I was kinda loopy, haha I'm always loopy in scienceon Fridays. I'm pretty sure my friend thought I was completely out of my mind. haha so then I had Algebra, gahh I hate algebra with a burning passion, not because it's hard, because I'm actually good at it. just because she gives all this stupid homework, and its like all the problems are supper easy, but it still takes forever to do, we had 40 problems the other and i wanted to scream. okk end of rant. haha

So then I had English not much happened, I got a quiz back didn't do to great (I hate grammar btw) but yeah its OK, I still have like a high B in that class, even though I hate English, and I'm bad at it. haha so next was History, oh goshh stupidest thing happend EVERR, so this guy, like tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if 15 was an odd number, he was COMPLETLY serious, were in 9th grade, how do you pass like 1st grade without knowing that. haha I was like yess it is, and he was like "but wait 5 goes into so it cant be" and i was like "that's a prime number, i cant even explain this" and he was like i just don't get it (which is where the title to this blog comes from) and then he ended up asking me if 9, 13, and 11 were odd numbers. haha I feel for him. but like what in the world. haha

so yeah after that i just had French, where we did a worksheet, Study hall where I did my homework, and then Health, where I had a test, that I'm kinda convinced I failed, like i knew most of the stuff but I'm scared, haha it was the CPR test and if I don't get more than like an 80, I pretty much fail the entire semester of Health. so I'm kinda freaked out about that.

hmm so yeah that was the school day, and then I came home, wanted to go ice-skating with my friend, but of course my parents wouldn't let me, so I stayed home watched a movie and took pictures with my sister(= it wasn't awful, but I didn't really want to stay home, guess I'll get over it though.

and now its saturday, nothing really happened today, parents hate me, wont let me do anything for no good reason, like I really don't know why, I really wanted to go see the Blind Side, but nope parents said no, so I stayed home all day. been watching the Disney Chanel. haha I'm cool. but im kinda addicted to it. don't ask. i just am. haha but yeah not much else to say, no school Monday, and then tuesday starts spirit week, its pajama day!!! but its gonna be awkward because this girl I don't know is shadowing me on Tuesday (which just means following me around, to see if she likes the school), and I'm gonna be wearing like red footie pajamas (red in honor of Haiti wear red Tuesday everyone!!!), haha but it should be funn, but anyways im helping to start a Haiti fundraiser at my school, we started a club in honer of it, so i think everyone should donate what they can please, they honestly have nothing right now, and its the right thing to do. haha okk end of info-mercial. sorry.

but yeah so i think i promised a picture in my next blog, but this ones already REALLY long, so i promise i will next blog which i'll do like tomorrow or Monday, promise(= well love you all, soryr about this REALLY RALLY long post, but i hadn't updated in foreverrr.

Just me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bonjour, Mademoiselle... How do you do?

Bonjour, Mademoiselle.

Soo... today! gahh not a good day for me, I'm sitting I'm my room now, trying to not be in such a bad mood but its not working at the moment, so I cant exactly promise you that this is gonna be a good blog. but i thought i should post an actual one, and i don't have anything better to do at the moment.

gahhh but hmm lets start with Friday, so I went to school like normal, um it wasn't bad, but we had to learn about CPR and stuff in health which was pretty much awkward, we had to give mouth to mouth to these manikins, with everyone watching us, and of course I have like the MOST immature guys in my class. so yeah that was just great, not much else happened at school that day, it was pretty much normal, haha

okk then Friday night my parents decided they were gonna move the rest of our stuff form our old house to our new house so they dumped me and my sister off at my friends house for the weekend which is where I just got back from, gahhh it was just annoying because there like health food people, who do yoga all the time and stuff, and I love My firend, shes one of my best friends since I was like 4, but I'm really picky so I barely ate anything while I was there, and then they'd make me do yoga. which kinda sucked but whatever. we made cookies and stuff and it was fun for the most part, idk the only part that really annoyed me was that, my friends mom's boyfriends kids where there (sounds confusing but its not) and yeah they were little and loud and annoying, and i ended up having to babysit sometimes for the 2 year old, and it was just tiring, i LOVE kids, idk i just wasn't in the mood i guess.

So Saturday.... hmm I woke up at like 10:00 had breakfast and then I went to an audition for this camp that i REALLY want to go to, its a drama camp in new york that's audition only, and they came to my town to hold auditions and i really want to go this summer, so hopefully I'll get in to that, but i wont know for a week, like a bunch of my friends are trying to go and it wold be amazing if i could go with all of them. but yeahh as i just said i wont know for a week, and then if i get in i have to make my parents pay for it, because its really expensive sadly. but i think i can get around that.

okk now today (Sunday) so i woke up and my friend had like already left, to go to this church thing with her friend Nikki, which kinda pissed me off, but whatever so i played on my computer and on Wii for a couple hours until they took me home an that's where i am now. idk i didn't mind being there, but I'm just one of those people that gets sick of people easily and i cant spend all my time with the same people for too long, or i get annoyed even if i love the people.

but yeah ok the reason im pissed off right now, is because my laptop just like broke, like two of the keys fell off randomly, and idk if its still under warranty, and i DONT want to pay for a new key-bored, at all! and its like hard to type now, which makes me mad. gahh yeah a stupid reason, i know. its other stuff too, but i don't feel like explaining right now. maybe another day. and another blog post. but idk im already not in a good mood, and i dont want to do my stupid english homework even though its like almost midnight and its due tomorrow. so yeah i should probably sign off now considering i've barely started my english, and i should of finished it like the other day.

gahhh okk well i hope you enjoyed my little rant slash summery of the weekend. even though you probably didn't. haha i just kinda needed to vent and sorry that its probably really bad grammar, bt i was typing it up really fast and I'm not going back through it like i usually do to check thing. lol I'm gonna add some pictures soon so look out for those, but i need to get off now as i said.

Just a girl, living on this planet, or not(:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why Hello there... nice to meet you(=

Why Hello there, I don't think you and I have had the chance to meet, so I'd like to take the honer and introduce myself(=

well im not gonna tell you my name, so this can seem to be even a bit more private than it really is, I'm 15 years old, a freshman in highschool, and just trying to figure myself out in this world. No I'm not exactly you Ordinary 15 year old girl either, I have a lot of dreams that I'd like to fulfill sometime(= and I'm working my hardest to get there each and every day, I live a somewhat normal life I'd like to think
to which i'd attribute to my parents, My favorite color's pink, and forever & always shall be. My life seems to stay pretty hectic, but I always try to give myself a little time for at night to do what I wish, which is why I've decided to come here today, to give myself a place to vent, a place to just let go and be myself, a place to not let anyone judge me, so read if you want, dont if you want. because this is really just the story of an average girl(= living in an average world. well I must go now, my first real blog shall be posted soon I promise but till tomorrow.

A girl on this planet(: