Monday, October 13, 2014

Once Again

and once again... It's taken me over a year to post something new

The amount of things that have happened in the last year and a half (it's actually been that long? holy shit)  are ridiculous. I've applied and gotten into college, graduated high school, had my last summer of living at home, started college, applied for a summer abroad program, finished my freshman year of college, and most recently, finished studying abroad in europe for the past six and a half weeks. As cliche as it sounds, time flies.  It's beyond ridiculous to think of where I was the last time I updated this blog.  How much I've evolved since then.  I've had the opportunity to visit the other side of the country on more than one occasion, as well as the other side of the ocean.  I've had the opportunity to live away from my parents, and to experience the world on my own terms.

Today, I still remember a lot of things from the last years and a half, yet at the same time it's weird to think of how many things I've forgotten about.  Some of the biggest changes of my life have occurred, I've moved out and seen parts of the world that I had no idea I would get the chance to see so soon.  Last summer I'd never been to the west coast non the less across the ocean, yet in the last year and a half I've been to California twice (San Francisco, and LA), as well as Las Vegas, New York, and most recently Italy, France, and England.  While I'd like to think these experiences have given me a lot of insight, it's weird to think of how different my life is even at home at this point.

The last time I used this blog I was still in my senior year, with no idea where I would go to college. Still terrified that I wouldn't end up someplace that I liked.  Luckily, after letters ranging in all directions from colleges I've applied to, I did find a place where I think I can call myself happy.  College is weird.  It's weird knowing that after this, I'm done with school, that I'm expected to get a real job, or go to grad school, or do something very much concrete.  I guess I've learned that you never truly feel like you've grown up.  Today at 19 years old,  I still feel like a kid, a kid with the whole world ahead of me.  Yet, today, it's already time to be going towards what I'll be doing for the rest of my lfie.

Once again in the time since I've posted, I've started a umber of posts ranging from my feelings on starting college, to how happy i've been, to how upset things have made me.  I wish I could go back and blog once a month in the last months of my life, so that I could have a more clear memory of the times scripted someplace, but once again I've slacked.


...and once again I've slacked even more, and failed to finish a post for another three months.  This time I'll just post what I finished.