Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Hangover(:

So I'm sitting at home watching the Hangover and i feel like blogging...
So im calling right now "blogging time" (haha dont ask)

Quotes of the day:
-- "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot" -unknown
-- "sometimes dreams become so real, your forget your dreaming, -- the strongest dreams are those that become reality" -unknown
-- "In three words i can sum up everything I've learned about life; it goes on" -unknown
-- "The best and most beautiful things in the world, cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt wit the heart" -Helen Keller

Mood: fine, not happy but not sad, just okk.

Started at 6:43pm, Saturday February 17th 2010

Sooo... I havent blogged in a while, and theres a few reasons why so i'll state them now.

1. i tried to publish a blog a while ago saying how i was changing my blog and it wouldn't publish, and i tried fixing it a million times, and it still wouldn't work.
2. I've been to lazyy.
3. I've been really really busy.
4. school has been killing me. no joke.

so basically im REALLY sorry that i haven't updated): i feel awful, but anyways before i start my official blog, I'm gonna go over the things that I'm changing in this Blog, because I've decided to change up a few things.

1. Im no longer going to be saying peoples actual names, I'm just gonna think of nicknames kind of, to call people that i'll refer to them as, whenever i need to talk about someone, but i feel like this will be safer for me, so that I can really open up on here i guess. I'll also be going back into prior blogs and changing the people to nicknames.
2. I'll be starting every blog off with a quote of the day, and the mood I'm in at the time.
3. I'll be going to start saying the time i started the blog, and then when finished it.

okk so those are the main changes, if i think of anything else, I'll add it.


okk now for my actual blog, I cant even think og the last time I blogged but basically to catch you up, it snowed a LOT, and I hate snow, so we didn't have school for a while, I've hung out with a bunch of friends, gone to a few basketball games at my school(: had a spongebob part with a few friends, my friend got a fake baby for school (yeah like in the movies haha) and we took that to a basketball game and the mall, oh gosh you have NO IDEA! how many weird stares we got, like it would cry and stuff too, but it was hilarious, and we took pictures and stuff with it! ummm hmm what else, ohh and i discoverer youtube(: i mean of course I've been on youtube before, but I'm like addicted to it now, i found some amazing vloggers and stuff on there, and i actually started my own Vlog on there which is cool, but I'm still trying to learn how to edit videos and stuff, which is fun(:

but anywayss now to this past week, school seemed like it lasted foreverr, like on Wednesday i completely 100% thought it was friday, which sucked, i have all this english homework (I HATE ENGLISH) i always just feel overwhelmed with it, its my worst class, a few weeks ago i was literally failing, like i had a 59, but then i brought it up to an 81 in like two days somehow, but now it just dropped to a 79, which just makes me feel like everything's getting worse again, i had all A's and B's for a minute an dnow its slipping again. which sucks. anyways enough about that....

so to this weekend, on Thursday I went to the last basketball game of the season, and it was funn I guess, but the seniors were yelling at us to cheer louder, haha but anyways, it was funn(: and then yesterday was amazing(: my mom randomly decided to take me and my sister shopping which was great! we went to the mall, and i got smoothies at this amazinggg smoothies shop(: and then i bought new earrings at this nice little boutique thing. i LOVE them, and then we went to Bath&body works, and i got new soap and lotion(: haha and then we went to Macys, I love macy's because they always have some kind of sale on amazing things! lol but anyways my sister got some stuff and then i went and got a black short little skirt, a hot pink tank, a black long sleeve cardigan, a plaid red checkerd shirt, i cant explain it, but its really cute(: lol and then we were about to leave but i found this amazingg jacket that i LOVE, and it was only $20 (originally $90) and i just hadd to have it. haha and i know none of this sounds like a lot, but i spent like over a hundred dollars by myself, and my mom and sister got stuff too, and this was all just randomly, haha anyways it made me happy(: very very happy.

and then that night we got Chinese food(: which was amazing! blahh and then today is Saturday, and i didnt really do muh, just stayed home, i could of done a few things, i almost went to the movies with some friends, and i could fo gone to a birthday party, but i just really didnt feel like it. and now im sititng here, watching the hangover(:

blahhhhhhh I'm not exactly happy though, like five minutes ago a lot of crap happened between my parents, and they were yelling and stuff, and it was awful, like i started sobbing, and i still kinda am. it was awful, and im not gonna go into detail, but sometimes i just feel like i would rather them just get divorced than have to deal with this crap all the time, i hate my other so much, and I'm usually one of those people who doesn't say that, but honestly she causes so much drama in my life, and I'm sick of it, five minutes ago I de-added he on facebook, and when she realizes it shes gonna kill me, but i really don't care at the moment, I'm done with her, and I'm done with all this shit (excuse my french) but yeah I'm gonna stop talking now, because i don't feel like making a sad, or whatever blog.

but anyways. im gonna try to blog more often now, and I know this one is really really really long, and I'm sorry about that. (haha the hangovers really really funny, sorry random but if you haven't seen it, WATCH IT NOW) but anyways, i love you guys(: and i promise to blog again soon!

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Ended at 8:08pm, Saturday February 27th

That Awkward girl(: