Friday, April 30, 2010

this wont be a normal blog post just because i only have five minutes to do it. first of all im really really sorry i havent updated in soooooooo freaking long. i dont even have an excuse so much has happened that i'll try to talk about in my next normal post. anyways im going out of town for the weekdn i just finished up exams so im pretty excited, and now me and some friends are going to the mountians for someone birthday(: sooo excited about to leave my house like right this second! which is why i cant talk long): anyways i swear i'll make a super de duper log update as sooon as i get back on sunday night, or monday. and i'll fill you in on everything that i've been doing!

a girl in this world.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well its kinda been a while...

Howdy there partner(:
"I know what your thinking, a new blog? what? its been like a month, I thought she forgot about this blog" well its a long story, kind of, but long story short, i've just been to tired, to lazy, to busy, or i just didn't even think of coming on here. so yep thats my excuse.

Picture of the day;;
a picture from an epic cupcake party i had with some friends(: yeah those were some great cupcakes!

Quote of the day;;
"Why am i talking to the batter?"
from my cupcake

"hi. i dont know you. can i have you numberrrr?"
haha me and a friend, ummm yeah long story, but it was a joke that one of use should walk to this random guy we didnt know and just be like heyyyyy. haha(:

Mood when started;; annoyed, tired, bored, just sick of stuff at the moment.

Started April 3rd 2010 at 5:11pm eastern standard time

What to say, what to say....
well first off i fee awful that i havent blogged in a while, but i guess i explained that up there more or less, anyways a lots happened lately, no im not gonna go back into the last month of stuff i never told you guys about because that would take simply forever, and knowing me, I'm wayy to lazy and i'll stop in the middle again, and then never come back to it. which happens a lot with me.

sooo its spring break right now! (can I get a woot, woot!) well my spring breaks pretty much been boring i didnt go anywhere, i got to just sit here in my hometown and sulk while everyone else went to the beach, or Europe, or California. yeah and then there was me, sitting at home bored. anyways i havent done to much with my time to be honest but i guess i'll talk about what I've done.

i had a cupcake party which was pretty epic, if you look up there you'll see a picture o four wonderful cupcakes(: they were like neon colors, and pretty amazing, me and some friends made them thats not my hand in the picture btw, haha but yeah it was very fun(:
but yeah that same night we also did some good work, one of my friends houses got hit by a tornado about a week ago, pretty much everything she owned is gone now, its made me think a lot about how fortunate i am and stuff, but anyways we made her a car package and stuff(: which was good!

(random, oh my god i feel like everyone in my life is going through something, someone else i knows house burned down this morning, she also lost pretty much everything she had, its crazy that this stuff is happening to so many people i know right now....)

okk yeah now I'm done with that sad note, i just felt like talking about it though. anyways.... what else have i done, well the other day i went to the park with some friends, haha don't even ask... blahh it wasn't that great,

hmmm i'll think of one other thing I've done this spring break... well me and my friend went and saw the last song, oh. my. god. it was amazing! like honestly if you haven't seen GO SEE IT NOW! it was kinda weird hanging out with her, because well her and her twin brother go to my church and her brother goes to my school, and shes coming next year, so yeah she doesn't know that many people in my grade, and i honestly don't know her that well, but shes really nice, so it was fun!

umm yeah I don't feel like talking about spring break anymore.... its just been pretty boring this year, we were gonna go to the beach this weekend, but since its already Saturday, I'm doubting that, oh my god. its already Saturday, school starts back soon, gahh well this sucks. i needed this break soooo badly, and when we go back I'm gonna have to start thinking about exams already... which sucks! a lot.

so yeah well this blog has been all over the place, and completely random, and stupid so i guess i'll stop talking now, i really don't have much to say, i just felt the need to update, I'm REALLY going to try and update more from now on, just for me, it helps me somehow idk, but it does so i want to write more often.

well I'm just gonna go and watch some mean girls (favorite movie ever) and finish drinking my smoothie, now so i guess this is goodbye until next time(:

Finished Apri 3rd 2010 5:39pm

im pretty sure this is the fastest blog i've ever done, they usually take me hours because i go away and come back, haha(:

Mood at end of blog: pretty much the same, nothings really changed this time....

-Just a girl, livin in this world.