Thursday, March 18, 2010

Once upon a time..

(okkk so i started this a longgg time ago, and then never finished so im just gonna post what i had right now, and then make a new post)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jordan, and she created a blog(: and at first she posted all the time, and then she got wayyyy to lazyyy and she barely posted anymore........ yeah thats pretty much the story of my life, i honestly don't even know why i never get on here anymore, but i promise i'll try harder(:

so to the normal stuff now I guess....

Quotes of the day:

"The only guy who deserves you is the one who thinks he doesn't"

"I'm through with these people, and i want new ones"
-the perfect man

"So if your from Africa why are you white?"
"Oh my gos Karen you cant just ask people why there white!"
-Mean Girls

"I wish we could all just get along like we did in middle school... i wish i could bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles, and everyone would eat and be happy...."
"She doesn't even go here!"
"do you go here?"
"no i just have a lot of feelings...."
-Mean girls

"It's like I have ESPN or something, a 5th sense! I can always tell when its going to rain.... well when already its raining!"
-Mean girls

"Where Cady?"
"she went out"
"She's grounded?!?!"
"are they not allowed out when there grounded?"
-mean girls

[[ haha sorry about all the mean girls quotes, but I really want to see that movie right now, I swear its the best quotable movie on the planet, that and the hangover! haha(: ]]

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Started Thursday March 18th 2010, at 5:22pm

sooooooo.... life! life, life life, life's been good lately i guess, i don't even remember the last time i blogged, I think I was in detention? haha ohh detention, its actually want even that bad, all i did was homework.

Sooooooooo... i have no idea what to say today....
want your bad romance?

haha ummm yeah that was random, but anyways i kinda love that song! pretty shamazing if you ask me, just saying(: haha but yeah anyways new obsessions? Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha, I listen to there music like 24/7 these days, don't even ask, its just something I do. haha

soooooooooo...... so what I am a rockstar, i got my rock moves, and i dont need you guess what, im having more fun, and now that were done, I'm gonna show you tonight! its all right! this is life! and i fool so guess what.....

blahhh that was even more random, but whenever people are like "sooo..." that's what pops into my head. haha my music teacher last year, loveddd that song! loved her, but now I'm at a new school):

okkk so back onto topic, did i ever have a topic? im pretty sure i didn't now that i think about it... but oh well i guess I'll talk about my life lately, and then a summery of all my classes today(: thats usually what i do. so i'll stick with that at least for now(:

and this is where i stopped sorry):

-That random girl

Monday, March 8, 2010

Holla Amigos/Amigas (is that the right word for girls? or is it all the same? haha but anyways somehow i forgot to say my random hello, in a language of the day in my last blog, how dare I? haha but yeah i haven't forgot about it)

Picture of the day:

So the first thing I need to deal with would be my picture of the day (obviously this is a new section of my blog haha but yeah anyways just go along with it) which says "find your passion" what is passion exactly? what are my passions, I guess I have a lot so today I'm just going to make a list of what my passions/obsessions are at the moment(: (obsessions just because i want too. lol)

-Youtube Vidoes
-My family
-attempting at making decent youtube vidoes(: haha
-oh got sooo much more.... but i'll stop now!

umm obviously this list was in no real order(: haha

but i hope you enjoyed the picture at the beginning, I'm gonna start putting a picture that inspired me at the beginning of each post(: with some kind of questions that goes along with it.

Quotes of the day:

"You know the buddy system is VERY affective" (ummm yeah me and my friend trying to get out of class for a minuet(: haha)

"are you new, or am i just stupid?" (so the other day we got a new kid, and of course me being me, I had to stay something completely dumb, that would freak him out when i first met him. haha)

"i swear my life's like a sitcom, the stupidest things happen to me" -me
"agreed" -(hmmm i dont think ive named her before but anyways how about, "ShiftGirl" (no not the bad word) and SG for short, yess this makes NO SENSE to you, but it makes a lot to me, and she happens to be on of my closest friends haha)

"I'm thinkin these nerd glasses look pretty Snazzy" (haha at the mall last weekend i bought some nerd glasses for fun)

"a panda = a Chinese gorilla" (umm yeah inside joke, i cant even explain. haha)

"sometimes dreams become so real, you forget your dreaming--
--the strongest of dreams are the ones that become reality"
(umm yeah i wanted to throw in something semi-intelligent(: haha)

(sorry lots of quotes of the day, haha)

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Started Monday March 8th 2010, 4:10pm

So I'm sitting here in detention and I decided I should blog.
i know your asking, "why exactly are you in detention?" umm basically because my school is stupid and if your late to school three times you get an after school detention. So here I am, awkwardly sitting in a small room with one other guy, doing my homework, and now blogging. looking out the window, wishing my life wasn't so much like a sitcom, and stupid stuff didn't happen to me quite as often. but no, this is my life, and i guess i have to deal with that.


so today what happened today, gosh well maybe I should start with last weekend, considering its a Monday as we speak, unless you happen to be reading this on a day that's not Monday, which I guess would mean your reading this on (insert days name) hopefully enjoying it, even though I'm a pretty boring person, and i doubt anyone's actually read this far, but oh well, this if for me I suppose.

Last weekend, what happened last weekend, well friday night, i did drum roll please..... absolutely nothing! yeah I know I'm cool, but i was sick on Friday, and i didn't go to school, and I was supposed to see my friend in a play but of course that didn't happen knowing my life and how sit-com'ish it is. (yes if you wernt paying attention to the quotes of the day then you wouldn't know that my life's like a sit-come, but yeah that pretty much defines my life, a stupid Sit-Com) So Saturday... Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, (I kinda like that word if you couldn't tell) Saturday was pretty amazing to be honest, i mean nothing CRAZY good happened, but it was nice, it was nice and warm for a change, and I hung out with one of my really friends I haven't seen in a longg time. what should i name her, ummmm TennisGal, or TG for short, thats kinda random but she plays a lot of tennis... so yeah TG and i went to the mall and I bought some pretty snazzy looking glasses, and i saw a BUNCH of people that i knew which was cool i guess. blahh the weirdest things happened to me at the Apple store.

so you know hwo when you go to the apple store people get onto facebook and stuff? (well you might not but just go along, haha) well anyways me and my friend, might name her later but I'm to lazy right now.) we saw that someone had left there facebook open and we got excited that we could write a status on it saying "forgot to log out of facebook, aren't they cool!" (yeah i know weird just go with it) but anyways after we did that, we get a chat form someone on her account saying "right next to you smarties" and we look to the next computer over, and there they are, staring at us laughing, IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING! haha it was awful and what was worse was that while we were doing it my other friend goes, "you know there probably like here someplace" but yeah anyways that was my awkward moment of the weekend. haha

haha so other than that, not much happened to me, Sunday i just stayed home and did homework, considering i slept until 3 in the afternoon, which is pretty embarrassing to be honest, no clue why i slept that long, i mean i went to bed late, but i've never woken up THAT late before.

re-started at 9:56pm

haha sorry I got out of detention early, and then I came home watched youtube, finished my homework, attempted to make a youtube video, and then remembered I'm not funny (haha), and now I'm back so lets start back where i left off...

Sunday... pretty much i did nothing all day until like hmmm 8ish, when i started studying for this BIG history test, umm yeah i was up until lets see, one'ish studying for that. umm yeah sadly that happens to me a lot, plus i had to make a cheat sheet too!

blahhh and then Monday, today. not much just school i guess I'll go by period. haha this blog is gonna be long... sorry about that! haha but I'm in a writing mood right now, which never happens so I think I'm gonna take advantage of it(:

First- Ummm this was french, i don't have any friends and i pretty much just sat at the back of the class, and txted people. haha and tried to avoid her asking me questions. which actually worked today.

Second- HISTORY! haha umm I actually don't hate this class, but today i had to take that exam i was talking about since i was sick Friday. but anyways I went to the library to take the test, while everyone else was correcting there tests, and only two of us missed it in my class, but of course this had to be hmm lets name her EmoWeirdGirl (EWG) i know this might sound a little harsh, but honestly you dont know her, and im a nice person, i wouldn't be mean to her to her face, but shes weird, and she was talking to me the ENTIRE time I took the test. like i couldnt focus, sorry but I was actually trying to pass it, SHE LITERALLY GUESSED ON THE ENTIRE THING! and dudnt even answer the short answer, note- he gave us the answer in class, and let us bring in a piece of paper with us, its basically an automatic A part of the test, but anyways I'm talking to much about this class. haha

Third- English.... blahhhh i hate this class, if you've read my blogs before you know why, but anyways we didnt do much, just answered these questions in groups, it was easy, so yeah weirdly enough it wasn't bad today.

Fourth- Algebra, hmmmm umm we basically didn't even learn anything, haha everyone just basically asked questions on the homework the entire class, which was kinda stupid, and kinda great, stupid because the work was really easy, and they actually didn't get it, great because they wasted the entire class(: lol

Fifth- Science, Ummm basically I freaking love this class! haha its amazing end of story. umm we learned this new stuff, but it was crazy easyy, and then we have a test on Wednesday, but pretty much it'll be easy. lol LOVE the teacher, I'm following him on twitter (its not creepy... haha) but anyways yeah favorite teacher on the planet.

Lunch- blahh well my one of my best friend has Salmonella poisoning, so she wasn't there, but but i had lunch with these three other girls, i have lunch with them a lot actually, but anyways it was good one of them's really really funny (I don't feel like naming them right now, haha) we listened to music all of lunch and danced and stuff, it was great(: lol

Sixth- Health, ummm we watched a movie on racism, that was about it. haha it was okk, blahh just normal. the intern guy was there today, but he didn't really do anything. haha

Seventh- Study Hall, umm I had to take a test for health that i didn't take Friday, it was fine i guess, and then me and a friend went to the library for a minute because we didn't feel like being in class. haha 'you know the buddy system is VERY affective" i told that to the teacher, and this like senior was like laughing at us. it was great.

blahhh anyways sorry about this AMAZINGLY long blog, but as i said, I'm just in a writing mood for some reason. and im watching this weird movie, idk what its called but yeah anyways its weird. haha but yeah im gonna go now... I've written wayyy to much, gosh to many sections in this one... i'll make the next one shorter I promise(:

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